Trump concerned about the threat of recession

United States

Due to the recession, the Trump administration,has resolved as one of the measures that would be meant to help the economy,to reverse some of US President Donald Trump’s signature tariffs against China.

Following signs in the bond market last week that could herald a coming recession.Trump and senior administration officials have been bullish about the prospects for the US economy.

It was reported last week that officials are said to have been reluctant to prepare for recession since they feared that doing so could weaken confidence in the US economy and hasten a downturn.

But according to The Times, officials have privately weighed several measures that would be meant to boost the economy should the economic situation

It was reported on Monday that a payroll tax cut was being considered, a possibility a White House official said was not on the table.

Other options could be scaling back some of Trump’s signature tariffs. Trump has imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Chinese goods and attacked European Union goods, albeit to a lesser extent, in a move to punish rival economies he claims are exploiting the US.

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