Three dead in plane crash southeast of Medicine Hat


RCMP have confirmed that three people have died in a small plane crash on Saturday night southeast of the City of Medicine Hat.

A Saskatchewan athlete with a “zest for life” has been identified as one of three men killed when a small plane crashed near Medicine Hat, Alta., on Saturday night.

Justin Filteau was on his way back to Moose Jaw after a celebration with friends when the plane he was on crashed, his mother, Nancy Filteau, said.

The plane took off from Medicine Hat at around 10:15 p.m. Saturday evening and was headed for Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan.

RCMP said when they located the plane, there were no surviver

“The flight was expected to take about an hour and a half and when the plane failed to arrive in Moose Jaw, families there contacted authorities and the search was started.”

Peters says the plane was later located on Sunday morning near Irvine, Alta. by members of the Canadian Armed Forces who were involved in the search.

All three passengers were confirmed dead at the scene.

“The investigation from this point forward will be headed up by Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board to determine why the plane crashed and any factors and circumstances leading up to that,” Peters said.

Emergency responders from Medicine Hat, Halo Helicopter and RCMP helped with locating the downed plane.

According to Chris Krepski with the Transportation Safety Board, the plane “collided with terrain” about 10 to 20 minutes after it took off from Medicine Hat. It wasn’t known as of Sunday at 2 p.m. what the plane crashed into or what caused the incident.

The aircraft, a single-engine, low-wing American Aviation AA Dash 5B, is not required to have a data or flight recorder on board, Krepski said, however, investigators will look for anything on board that may provide details on what caused the crash. He said it was too early to tell if weather was a factor.

A team of investigators from the TSB was expected to arrive at the scene late Sunday afternoon to gather information and assess the plane.

Krepski said the model of aircraft that crashed typically seats four people, but only three were on board.

According to residents of the town of Irvine, a military plane could be seen flying low over the area on Sunday morning, and objects could be seen being parachuted from the plane.

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