R. Kelly judge to proceed trial despite new cases brought forward

The judge overseeing the RnB star,R. Kelly’s sexual-abuse case states that he will proceed toward a trial overlooking the three new cases being brought against the accused .

On Thursday at a status hearing,Cook County Judge Lawrence Flood noted that a federal case in Chicago, another in New York and a Minnesota case have all been brought since July. However Kelly has denied any wrongdoing.

Flood said he would proceed as if no other cases existed. This was after he had asked attorneys if there’s agreement about which of the four cases should proceed first and having the prosecutor stating that it had not been decided yet.

The multiple cases are proving to be a complication on transportation for moving Kelly from a downtown Chicago jail to different hearings. R Kelly ‘s defense lawyer said Kelly did not appear Thursday because of transportation issues.

Judge Flood however said he wanted Kelly at his next status hearing, set for Sept. 17.

Author: Precious Dlodlo

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