FaceApp #AgeChallenge taken social media by storm


While selfie-takers obsesses over FaceApp and what they’ll look like in the future, privacy experts are concerned about the photos they send today

No, all your friends and favourite celebrities didn’t miraculously reach retirement age they used FaceApp, a mobile app that uses filters and artificial intelligence to edit photos of people.

Not only will it morph your face in a photo to look older, you’ll have a menu of options to adjust your mouth to a smile among other things that “add magic to your selfie.” Or, you can look younger if you like, or you can just look at an old picture.

The FaceApp Challenge is taking the internet by storm by turning your favorite celebrities into senior citizens
The FaceApp Challenge is taking the internet by storm by turning your favorite celebrities into senior citizens

While the app has been around and previously went viral thanks to features that let you swap genders or make someone smile, this week everyone is sharing photos using the app’s aging filter.

But, as people obsess over what they might look like in a few decades, privacy experts and developers are concerned about what’s happening to the photos they send today.

“You basically have no personal control relating to who they could share this information with, sell it, et cetera,” said Ann Cavoukian, a privacy expert in residence at Ryerson University.

“Sensitive information like your biometric your facial image you want to control that completely. You don’t want it floating around to third parties, without your positive consent. You don’t know how that information will be used.”

FaceApp is nothing new in and of itself. The app first came out in 2017 and offers a wide variety of popular filters and editing effects. However, it’s going viral right now because of a new filter which makes you look 60 years older.

It may not sound like anything new but it’s so realistic that everyone is doing it on social media and it’s been turned into a challenge to see who looks the best older.

All you have to do is download the app, select a photo of yourself (or anyone else) to drastically age and then try out the free old option in the age section of the app.

It then edits your chosen face by giving it wrinkles, grey hair and other little details which combine to create a very old face.

Naturally, people are running wild with it online. Here’s what the celebs look like with it

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