Toronto| A tech entrepreneur Ryan Frankel is a happy man after his mobile application called The App That Saves Lives has become a hit in Canada in the past months.

The App practically rewards drivers who are willing to drive without texting or speaking through their cellular phones.

Speaking to the media about the APP, Ryan Frankel said, “I am an avid fan on of cycling. So one day when I was on my routine, a driver entered the red robot and I had to swerve to avoid the death that was staring at me in the eye. The driver drove off without even stopping.

“The distracted driver’s carelessness earned me multiple fractures. I then decided to invest in finding a solution to the problem of distracted driving.”

Ryan Frankel says he then partnered with his friend Nate to launch The App that Saves Lives (TASL).

“Nate,” Frankel said, “is an educator so his passion is to see that learners are not victims of accidents and hence he was avid to come on board. He had realized that most of the victims of accidents are students who are drivers.

Frankel revealed that he had approached a number of coroporates and who agreed to reward drivers when they go to redeem their points.

The brand offer discounts on selected goods and services.

Explaining how the app works Frankel said, “When you get inside the car and it starts moving, the App automatically starts loading in the background and you earn one reward point for each minute that you drive without touching the phone.”

According to statistics from the Canadian Automobile Association 26% of accidents happening in the country are caused by people using celphones while driving.

The Alcoholic Anonymous Association Foundation for safety recently said that driving using cellphones contributed to 6 out of 10 car crashes that and they were driven by teenagers.

By Parddon Khumalo

Parddon Khumalo is personal finance expert. His primary focus is banking but also tends to venture into wealth creation, fintech and data analytics.

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