VANCOUVER| Columbia Institute of Technology graduate Curtis Kim recently developed and launched an online application that supplies real-time information regarding the Novel COVID-19.

Curtis Kim who studied computer systems technology in cloud computing program told the media that he was motivated to form the platform after he didn’t get a 1 stop portal which provides information associated with the virus.

Said Kim“ Since the outbreak of the virus I searched everywhere search engines to seek out anything about the virus and comparing numbers of casualties.

 I felt like I used to be wasting my time. I then decided to program an online application that automatically scrapes information from public health agencies just like the BC Centre for Disease Control, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and therefore the United Nation’s World Health Organization.”

Kim’s portal is useful because it also publishes important contact numbers and feeds a variety of the most recent news on the virus. The information is counteracted province by province and country by country.

Meanwhile, Alberta’s provincial Medical official Dr. Deena Hinshaw has confirmed that four new cases of the Novel COVID-19 has been identified within the Province.

The patients are currently isolated and recovering reception.

“All the victims of COVID-19 are currently recovering in isolation at their homes and being assisted by public health officials,” Dena said.

 Deena said one of the new cases is that of a 60-year-old man from Edmonton who was travelling on the Grand Princess ocean liner. He arrived in Alberta on Feb. 21.

Another interesting case reported is that of a 30-year-old woman from the Calgary zone who is closely associated with someone who recently traveled to Ukraine, Turkey and therefore the Netherlands. Health officials are closely monitoring the traveler to determine if they need the Novel COVID-19.

The ocean liner infection has sparked a scare among Canadians that the disease may spread faster to other Provinces thanks to the hosts traveling across cities and provinces.

 A vaccine and cure for the virus is yet to be invented.

By Parddon Khumalo

Parddon Khumalo is personal finance expert. His primary focus is banking but also tends to venture into wealth creation, fintech and data analytics.

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