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In the realm of spending to win adhesion rewards, bill payments have consistently been a touch of an anomaly. Many bill payment companies no longer sanction you to utilize a rewards credit card to pay your monthly bill, security concerns, and citing processing costs. And for sure your bank isn’t going to grant you reward points when you are going to pay your bills online.

Indeed, as is commonly said, there’s an application for that. Paytm Canada will not only reward you for considering their application to pay bill online, but they withal sanction you to keep track of all of your bill payments in one place, and even intimate you by sending reminders whenever the payment due date approaches near. In this article, I’ll show you precisely how to get commenced with Paytm, and how you can get rewarded for consummating a task that isn’t conventionally much fun.

Presenting Paytm: An Incipient method for bills payments:

Paytm is a universal Fintech organization, with a Canadian office situated in Toronto. Their portable application empowers the client’s cash (bill payment credits). Paytm Canada syncs securely to your primary bank account, with the goal that you can take care of your tabs legitimately through the application and can manage and pay your bills more conveniently and more efficiently.

This makes for a convenient method to keep on the top of your payments while earning some rewards concurrently. Now, here’s another cool element of Paytm. You would now be able to make bill payments directly from your MasterCard, Visa Card, or AmEx credit card.

You will dive into this in more detail somewhat further down, yet the huge favourable position is that it enables clients to stack rewards.

Stay organized with Paytm:

The advantage of taking care of tabs through the Paytm application app is that it transcends earning reward points. It’s withal a great way to stay organized and ascertain all of your bills are up to date.

Regardless of whether its property charges, utilities, or your month to month cell phone charge, Paytm Canada makes it simple, by keeping the entirety of your instalment data in a single spot. That, however Paytm will remind you when you have an upcoming payment to make, and preserves you from falling behind.

Establishing a Paytm Canada account:

Paytm makes it facile to open an account. Simply download the application on your iPhone or Android gadget, and complete the information exchange process practically in no time. From there, you can integrate any bills that you need to pay.

As per the Paytm Canada site, they have in excess of 5,000 bill payees to look over. Much the same as your web-based banking; Paytm will keep your bill instalment data on the document, making it simple to get to at whatever points you have to make an instalment.

Because Paytm is dedicated to bill payments, there’s no desideratum to sort through all of your other banking accounts and transactions. Just authenticate on, make a payment, and get rewarded.

Earning reward points with Paytm Canada:

At the point when you pay your bill, you win 1 Paytm point for every dollar you spend. For example, if you have a $50 utility bill, you’ll earn 50 points when you pay your bill with the Paytm app.

Paytm caps the number of points that can be earned in the distinctive bill payment classes. No worries if you hit the inhibition, it will be reset when another month starts.

Referring to a friend:

Refer your companions to Paytm and watch your reward points amass rapidly. When you pursue Paytm, you’ll get a referral code, which is worth 5000 points, or $5, each time a companion joins. To qualify, they’ll have to make their first bill instalment at a minimum rate of $50. Aside from the one-time welcome bonus of 10,000 points, this is perhaps the best way to earn rewards expeditious through Paytm.

Utilizing Paytm Canada With Your Credit Card:

Many companies no longer sanction customers to pay bills utilizing a credit card, claiming security issues, and exorbitant handling expenses. With Paytm, you can make payments under a few bill installment classes utilizing your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express MasterCard.

This is extraordinary, as it permits you to build your points acquiring if you utilize a reward point card. Not exclusively will you acquire Paytm reward points; however you additionally advantage from the points earned by your Visa or MasterCard.

Paytm Reward Points Redemption:

As referenced before, you can recover your Paytm points for gift vouchers at mainstream retail accomplices, or you can opt to reclaim for cash that can be applied against bill payments you make with the Paytm app.

Does Paytm Canada charge fee to pay my bills?

This is an important question, especially after the promulgation that Paytm will now charge service fees. At best, the fees charged will now negate any credit card rewards, which was one of the advantageous perks to utilizing this accommodation to be able to pay bills with your credit card.

Below are the fees that Paytm Canada charges against its services:

  1. Visa credit & MasterCard credit 1.75%
  2. American Express 3%
  3. Visa debit & MasterCard debit 1.25%

You additionally should be cautious, as some Master Cards will charge your card as a cash advance when you utilize it to pay a bill through Paytm. You unquestionably don’t need that to occur. In this way, before setting up a charge card for instalment, check to ensure an expense won’t be applied.

Over to You (Bottom Line):

When we initially did our exploration on Paytm, which included opening an account, we queried whether or not it was worth the effort, to redirect bill payments through an incipient app, just to gain a couple of additional benefits?

All things considered, at a 10,000 to $10 change rate, the point an incentive for normal spending isn’t extraordinary when contrasted with other dependability rewards programs. However, by capitalizing on the bonus points the program could, in any case, be valuable. Not just that, the simplicity and comfort of having the entirety of your bill instalments put away in one spot can spare time, and cash as well.

We would infer that while Paytm Canada isn’t for everybody, whenever utilized appropriately, it tends to merit the exertion as an extra layer of markdown and rewards stacking.

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