20 ways you can make money online in Canada

20 ways you can make money online in Canada

March 14, 2020 Money News 0
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Making money online requires certain skills and tools to get started, though not many things are required. If you have a laptop or a desktop computer or a mobile phone or a tablet with internet access, you can start planning your future and make money online.

Canada has a huge market for online services and products and the market is open for everyone. You can make as little as $0.01 to millions and millions of Canadian dollars per month depending on your level of skills, knowledge and years of expertise.

You have probably heard of a company acquiring tech start-up for billions of dollars before and most of which started with little or nor capital, just a computer and a set of skills to get started. If you are prepared to work those extra hours and do what you do better than everyone else you will definitely rip off the fruits of your labour in no time.

Opportunities to make money online

There are many opportunities online and making money online can become very easy over time. You may want to make money online to cover your tuition fees, save for retirement, adding more money for entertainment, becoming your own boss, save up some money for long-desired vacation et cetera.

With your reason to start making money online in place, it is often easier to make money online in many cases than you think. The success rate is high although you will need to manage your time, complete your tasks on time, be prepared to work hard and smart and have a plan to reach your goal.

Working online means that you are now your own employer, therefore, you must as both an employer and an employee know how to behave whenever necessary. We have compiled a list of 20 ways you can make money online in Canada. You don’t need to choose 1 way of making money, you can choose as many provided you will manage to get the job done.

1. Rent your home on AIRBNB

Make money online using renting your home to AirBnb

One of the easy ways to make money online is to rent some or all of your home space using airbnb. Airbnb is very popular around the world with millions of homes advertised for renting on their site. You don’t need much to start, if you have a house or some space in your house that you are comfortable to have rented, then this may be your easy way to make extra bucks online. A very flexible and easy to use website airbnb lets you advertise your house or apartment whenever you want to and you can take the advert off the website at any given time, yes you call the shots.

If you want to rent your house or apartment using Airbnb you can visit their website and register on www.airbnb.com.

2. Start a blog ✍

You can buy a domain name and pay for hosting then build your blog. It may sound easy but it takes time to build a blog and take even more time to profit from. If you are consistent with your material and looking at making money in the long run then a blog can be your best bet. Over time you can make hundreds or thousands of Canadian dollars per day and by then you won’t need your 9-5 anymore.

3. Sign up to complete online surveys ☑

This is for those who like to voice their opinions online. If you write so much online why not just make money out of saying your mind? You can make money out of writing what you think on a particular survey. Although there is not much money to be made except some small change at least you will be monetizing the time you spend online reviewing articles.

4. Design websites ?

Web design is a skill that many admire. Today almost every company owns a website and it has become very popular in the business world. You can earn decent money building websites. Many web designers are self taught so it is easy to start. You may need to spend some time watching YouTube videos on how to design a website and know which tools to use to build one. Websites differ and some are built from scratch while others are built using web building tools such as WordPress. The more advanced your web design skills are, the more money you can charge designing websites. You can advertise your web design service on platforms such as Fiverr or Freelancer.com.

5. Offer freelance writing services ✍

There are many freelance writing opportunities on the internet and if you are good at it or want to learn you can actually make good monies. You need to have a specific area that you will work in such as law, finance, travel, politics, sports etc. Writing as many articles as possible can solidify your work as a writer as many sites allow readers to rate and comment on your work. The more you write the more money you will charge in the future.

6. Sell products online ?

You can use Shopify to sell products online. Good thing about Shopify is that you don’t need to hold any inventory. All you need is to open a virtual shop on Shopify. You also don’t need to own the products that you advertise on your virtual shop and returns and shipping are all handled by the manufacturer.

7. Offer proofreading services ✔

If you have a rich vocabulary and you are able to catch grammatical errors then this might be for you. You can proofread work from anywhere and still make money while having your full-time job.

8. Be an online tutor ?‍?

Many foreign countries are in need of English tutors and China tops them all. You can become an English online tutor and offer your services anywhere. You can also set your hours. You can make as much as $22.00 per hour teaching English on VIPkid other companies you can search for that need online tutors are Qkid, TeachPartTime and MMagicEars Get your camcorder and computer ready and start making money.

9. Sell your stuff online ?

Want to get rid of some things that you own? You can do this online and make some money instead of throwing them away. You Canadians you can use Kijiji to list your items for free with zero charges on every item you list on Kijiji. You can list your staff alternatively on Amazon, Craigslist or Ebay.

10. Become a member on Swagbucks

You are online almost 40% plus in a day watching videos and reading random articles, well there is a website that pays you to do what you do on a daily basis. You can pocket good sums of money with Swagbucks doing what you do regularly. Swagbucks is a website that pays you money to complete specific tasks like writing an article, watching a video, reading an article etc.

11. Start a YouTube channel ?

YouTube is very popular today and other people reference it as a Google for viewing videos. If you have an idea that you think might make money as a website, chances are that you will make money on YouTube. YouTube will pay for every view your video receives. Make sure you understand what you are doing and you provide relevant content. Focus on your delivery and dress the part and you may become a YouTube sensation.

12. Record a podcast ?

If you know a certain subject and want to share with others then you can start a podcast. Making money on a podcast will take a considerable amount of time but it is worth the wait. Once you start generating sufficient audience they will keep coming and your audience base will grow slowly but surely. Advertisers and sponsors will be attracted because of your audience and will pay you to mention their products or services to your audience.

13. Become an SEO consultant ↗

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. If you are SEO expert at work why not make some extra money doing consultancy online? It pays well to consult online as you will be doing less work for more money than what companies charge in house. If you are interested to learn about SEO you can sign up for free and complete a Cousera.com course online and earn a certificate on SEO. Check out freelancer.com and Fiverr.com for SEO consultancy.

14. Manage Facebook Ads ?

You can manage Facebook adverts for businesses in your town or across Canada. Facebook adverts that pop-up on your screen with a tag ‘sponsored ‘ underneath them are paid for by companies and individuals. Managing Facebook ads requires skills and one must know what they are doing to place these adverts. With proper knowledge, you can do better managing Facebook Ads both for companies and individuals.

15. Become a Website tester

You can make money browsing a web page and writing a review on your findings of your experience with the web page. If you find correct websites You can be paid as much as $35.00 for website testing. You go to sites like userlytics and usertesting to sign up.

16. Rent out your car using Turo

If you have an idle car you can rent it out with Turo. There are no signup fees. Turo offers a comprehensive insurance cover on your car.

17. Install Mobile Apps for cash

Earn money installing apps that monitor your internet usage and further gather information for research purposes. MobileXpression gives away $5.00 in Amazon gift vouchers for every App you install.

18. Make use of cashback shopping App

Use a cashback shopping app to earn money back. You can be rewarded for up to 35% of cashback. You can sign up for KOHO, Drop, Rekuten, Paymi or checkout 51 to take advantage of the cashback shopping App.

19. Become a online travel agent

You can help traveller’s plan their trip by booking accommodation for them, flights, entertainment and other activities online. This is one of the best ways to make money online. You can use sites like indeed to get started.

20. Work for a company remotely

Companies hire people to work at home and drop their assignments online. Notable services that companies are looking for when hiring an employee to work remotely are conducting research, data analysis, customer services, copywriting etc. Companies such as Google, Scotiabank, Amazon and American Express hire remote workers.

Best way to find jobs for remote employment is to search for remote jobs, or work from home jobs.

Our list is filled with diverse opportunities to work online. Some concepts may need to be further researched so that you can get a clear glimpse of what is required for you to start making your money online.


You have 20 options to choose from and we hope you choose exactly what you have been wishing for.

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