Things to Observe In Motive Financial. The comprehensive review of Motive Financial

Motive Financial is an online bank that gives high premium investment accounts to everybody across Canada with the exception of Quebec since they don’t offer types of assistance in French. Commenced as Canadian Direct Financial in 2008, they rebranded to Motive Financial on April 18, 2017, and opened the doors of digital heaven for the inhabitants of Canada.

They at present offer the most elevated intrigue investment account in Canada, just as the absolute best TFSA, RSP and GIC rates in Canada. They don’t offer USD or business banking accounts.

Motive Financial Security:

Your accounts, savings, and investments with Motive Financial are eligible for deposit indemnification through CDIC up to a maximum fundamental aegis limit of $100,000 per customer with each separate CDIC member institution. If you withal bank with Canadian Western Bank, it is paramount to note that the $100,000 limit applies to the coalescence of your deposits at both CWB and Motive.

Your Personal Access Code (PAC) works as your secret key and is at first sent to you. You can transmute it after you authenticate it for the first time. In integration to your PAC, your account is bulwarked by culling 3 of the 10 pre-defined security questions.

You can likewise set up email or text-based notifications in the event that you need notices when your PAC is transformed, someone authenticates into your account or there was an erroneous answer to a security question. Motive Financial does not offer 2-Factor Authentication as of now.

Determining the interest rates Motive Financial offers:

Services Interest Rates
Motive Savings Account         1.50 to $5,000,000.01 then 0.50% later on
Motive Cha-Ching Chequing Account           0.25%
Motive TFSA Savings Account 2.40%
Motive Chequing Account 0.60%
Motive RSP Savings Account   0.25% to $2,500.01 then 1.25% after that
Motive Savvy Savings Account 2.80% to $1,000,000.01 then 0.50% after that

Step by step instructions to open an account:

Establishing a Motive Financial account is entirely clear, yet it includes some desk work and it took around 5 weeks between signing up online and the day you hit the account and you start accumulating interest.

  1. Eligibility for account opening:
    • Be a denizen of Canada.
    • Be 18 years of age or older.
    • Have an electronic mail account.
    • Have a valid SIN (Social Insurance Number)
  2. Account opening procedure:
    • The initial step is to round out a Customer Application online which will take around 15 minutes.
    • Around 3 weeks later you will a letter via the post office that will incorporate your 16 digit Personal Access Number and notice that your Personal Access Code (PAC) would follow the next few days.
    • Around after 3 days, you will get a second letter with your 6 digit PAC and you will have the option to utilize them to authenticate into your account after scrolling through and accepting a long terms & conditions document.

Motive Financial Savvy Savings Account:

The Motive Financial Savvy Savings account is their most elevated intrigue account that takes into account 2 withdrawals every month with no monthly fee.

Interest Rate:

The interest rate of Savvy Saving Account is 2.8% up to an equalization of $1,000,000. After $1,000,000 the rate drops to 0.25%. This rate has been efficacious since November 1, 2018.

  • Account’s Utilization Charges:
    • There are no monthly charges.
    • 2 free withdrawals* per month are free. Further withdrawals transactions are $5.
    • Transfers between your Motive accounts are free.
    • The exchange network ATM withdrawals are free of charges.
    • Non-Exchange Network ATM withdrawal fee is $1.50.
    • The Interac e-transfer charges are $1.00.
  • Your own accounts transaction limits:

Transfer to and from the Motive Financial account(s) with connected ledgers at other financial institution with linked bank accounts:

  1. Personal accounts only.
  2. Outgoing limits of $150,000.00 per transaction.
  3. Incoming limits of $999,999.99 per transaction.
  4. Minimum limit of $10.00 per transaction.
  5. Transfers to external accounts can’t be consummated through the Mobile App.
  6. Canadian Financial Institutions only.
  7. CAD funds only.
  8. Links up to five 5 Canadian financial institutions.
  • Withdrawals Include:
    • Automatic payments.
    • Electronic funds transfer to another financial institution.
    • ATM withdrawals.
    • Interac e-Transfers and purchase payments.
    • Online bills payments.
    • Other e-payments.
  • Other features:

The Motive Financial Savvy Savings account doesn’t accompany a debit card and checks book.

  1. No debit card.
  2. No checkbook.
  3. Pay bills online.

One astronomically immense plus is that albeit the rate for the Motive Chequing Account is very low at 0.25%, you can keep the greater part of your cash in the investment account and move to the chequing account when required. The incredible thing about the Motive Financial Cha-Ching Chequing Account is that you can get 50 free customized checks and boundless withdrawals.

Linking external accounts and transferring funds:

  1. First of all, you should finish their Me-to-Me Money Transfer Authorization Form which doesn’t open in Google Chrome. It is just used if you download it and open it with an official Adobe item, for example, Adobe Reader.
  2. Email that structure alongside a duplicate of a void check to their ‘data’ email address.
  3. Now Motive Savvy Savings Account to my EQ Bank account so as to rapidly and effectively transfer your emergency funds to whichever account is paying the highest interest.
  4. Now, you will receive a replication of 5 days with the following injunctive authorizations:
  • Please be exhorted, two minuscule testing transfers have been set up to be deposited to your external bank account. Please sanction 2 days for the testing funds to be credited to your external bank.  Once received, please call Motive Financial to verify the amounts then your link will be consummated.

Over to you:

In case you’re setting something aside for short and medium-term objectives, for example, a house initial instalment, excursion, backup stash and won’t need the cash for some time, we suggest Motive Financial and their Savvy Savings Account.

If you bank with Motive Financial we’re fascinated to ken your phrenic conceptions. To what extent have you been with them and what’s your opinion about their charges, rates, and client support? Tell us by leaving a comment underneath!

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