Anglican Church rejects same sex marriage


A Major Church In Canada Just Voted Against Same Sex Marriage And Canadians Are Devastated

The Anglican Church of Canada has voted down a proposal to bless same sex marriage across the denomination, though branches of the church in each province will still be able to make up their own minds on the matter.

The motion would have amended the church’s marriage canon to remove references to the sacrament being a union between a man and a woman effectively allowing for same-sex marriage.

An Anglican Church of Canada vote to approve same sex marriage failed to pass at its general assembly in Vancouver on Friday night. 

The motion had to be approved through two rounds of votes. The first vote took place three years ago at the church’s last general assembly, called a synod, in Richmond Hill, Ont., and the second reading was held late Friday evening.

Criticised for rejecting same-sex marriage, but is the Anglican church actually helping gay rights
Criticised for rejecting same-sex marriage, but is the Anglican church actually helping gay rights

While the vote did not go through, this doesn’t mean that all Anglican Churches across Canada do not allow same-sex marriage. Many churches have been performing same-sex marriage since the first vote was passed in 2016. 

In fact, Toronto bishop Kevin Robertson was married to his husband in 2018 at the St. James Cathedral. 

Meghan Kilty, the church’s director of communications said that many churches intend to continue performing same-sex marriages despite the vote. 

The church recently passed a resolution to recognize that each church may respond to the issue of same-sex marriage in a way that they feel best suits the understanding of the religion. 

Yet, despite this, Canadians are still devastated the vote was unable to go through and express their concern and support to the LGBTQ community during this time. 

Many of the church’s dioceses have posted messages on social media acknowledging how devastating the results of the vote were to many of its members. 

The issue of gay rights and same sex marriage has divided the Anglican church around the world.

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